No news is good news…

Switching to an evening run has been a lot easier than I remember; maybe it’s because of my regular work schedule now, but going running at 10pm at night for a few miles doesn’t seem to kill me like it used to do.
And that’s a big relief. I can go home, have a meal, relax after work, then hit the road, and not feel like I didn’t have time to run.
I started out at a fairly slow pace last night, interested in extending the run for as long as I could, rather than getting round a course as quick as possible. I didn’t even take a watch or a phone with me to check my time. I was literally just running until I had decided I’d run enough.
Well, turns out, about 20 minutes was enough. Based on my usual running pace, this is a little over 3 miles. Which is good. It means I’m on track.
My lungs weren’t burning like they were earlier on the week either. It looks like that first run shook away the cobwebs somewhat, and my respiratory system is remembering how to breathe during that kind of exertion.
But then, there’s my back. This is the longest I’ve actually run since my back troubles got serious. And you know what?
I felt fine. In fact, I woke up this morning in less pain that I have for months. I still couldn’t bend to do my shoelaces easily, but hey, one step at a time, eh?
(Who knew making running puns would be so easy? They’re virtually a walk in the park…)
So anyway, seeing as I have nothing really to say on that training run other than it went ok, I thought I’d fill you in on the next development.
I’ve decided to run in aid of Save The Children – it’s the charity we support where I work. We raised nearly £1,000 last year, and I want to match that on my own this year. A big ask, I know. Anyway, the link is below if you’re enjoying reading these updates, and want to contribute:
I should see if any of you can guess what ‘SPRF’ stands for…

Saturday should involve a visit to the Marathon shop in London for gait analysis and a new pair of shoes… That’s going to be interesting.

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