Baby, we were born to run… (I promised myself I wouldn’t use that as a title. Sorry)

It’s been a god week for running. For me, anyway. As I said at the beginning of the week, I was going to use the shorter midweek runs to try a faster pace, but that isn’t exactly how it happened…

I ran three miles on Monday evening, at a steady pace of around 7:30/mile and was fairly happy with the results. Running slower, I can run far more consistently, and can feel my endurance levels building all the time.

 Tuesday I decided to rest. Monday is officially a rest day, but I got bored, and felt the need to hit the streets. But by the time Tuesday came, I’d had a rough day at work, and needed to veg out with a beer and a movie instead at that point, so I’m glad I’d run on Monday instead.

Wednesday came, and I headed out for my evening run quite late. Kasia was working, so after I’d spent the evening on the Playstation with my son, it was time to head out. Running four miles at 10pm at night is actually a really good feeling. This run on Wednesday was when I finally realised how much progress I’d made in just a couple of weeks. I ran four miles, each one hitting 7:30/mile like clockwork. You could have set your watch by me.

 A little secret though – knowing my split times, I realised I was flagging on the final lap and upped my pace, to hit the target. This was the first defining moment of the week; I realised I still had much more in the tank.

I removed the blister plaster before my shower that evening, and examined my foot. It had healed to the point that, while sore, the wound was closed and I could leave it open. This was to be the second defining moment of the week, although I was yet to realise it…

Thursday’s run was arrange with Kasia on my train home. We would get read and run straight away, around 7pm, thus leaving our evening free. Well, we eventually left the house around half past seven, but Kasia pulled up almost instantly with a pain. She said she was fine, and would walk it off, leaving me to run alone (She is fine, by the way).

About a mile in, I realised that the pain in my knee had gone, that it had been the blister plaster on the underside of my foot changing my gait slightly, and putting stress on my knee. Now it was gone, I was running as I usually would.

It was only a two-mile run tonight, and accordingly, I upped my pace. I finished both miles in 13:30, an average of 6:45/mile, which while much slower than my best, is still a vast improvement on the sluggish runs I was completing a fortnight ago, after 18 months out.

Friday will see a three or four mile run (I have yet to decide – it’s Playstation night with the boy again) which I hope to complete at the faster pace, with a rest tomorrow, and then an 8-mile run on Sunday, which Kasia, rather conveniently, is away for…


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