Baby steps towards the kitchen

I’ve ordered Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Energy Cookbook from Amazon in the hope he can inspire Kasia’s somewhat recent foray into veganism into something a little more… well, tasty.

It’s not that she can’t cook. She’s a very good cook, in fact. As am I. Regular readers and long term friends will have probably worked out that I’m good at most things, and my ultra-competitiveness means that I see everything as a competition.

But I have the upper hand when it comes to cooking. You see, I actually trained in the subject, and I’ve had a meat free diet a lot longer than Kasia has.

But now, as we approach a long race, we’re beginning to look at nutrition in a whole new light. Instead of just eating healthily, we’re looking at getting ways to make our food work for us; and Brendan’s book aims to do just that.

For those of you not familiar with Mr. Brazier, he’s the Canadian super-fit ultra-marathon runner, who also happens to be a vegan.

As someone who hasn’t really struggled with weight issues (although I can always stand to lose a few pounds), I’ve never really had to consider a specific diet in order to stay in shape. However, looking at food not just as fuel, but as a miracle product that not only provides energy but also assists with healing, with psychological well being and post training recovery times has led me to believe that these things don’t appear to be common knowledge.

Obviously, everyone knows green vegetables are good for you. But knowing a little more (like why running changes your Ph levels, which in turn suppresses your immune system, meaning you should eat more alkaline foods to counter balance this) is not.

Of course, not everything is as simple as that, and who wants to eat the same things every day? Certainly, with my own well (self) publicized peanut habit, I know how easy it is to snack even when you’re not hungry.

But there is a message out there that should be heard – that good, healthy, nutritionally balanced food doesn’t have to mean salads and vegeburgers for the rest of your days.

And that’s where I hope Brendan’s book will take us; into a strange new world where we can have our cake, and eat it.



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