Curse you, Sony.


I got home from work in record time tonight. from the office to inside the front door within 25 minutes. As someone who is used to commuting for nearly an hour and a half each journey, this came as quite a shock to me. I’m still getting used to living here with Kasia. It’s only been a couple of weeks, and it’s the small things like having far more time on my hands at home that are knocking me sideways.

Generally, I’m using the extra time quite productively. There’s my new upgraded blog, which you happen to have stumbled upon (well done & welcome!), and a few other assorted projects I’m toying with somewhat half-heartedly.

And then there’s the running. As I mentioned in the original blog a few weeks back, having a nice office job with it’s regular hours is also still new to me, but boy do I love the freedom it brings.

Anyway. I got home from work before 6:30 tonight, and decided to go straight out for a run. I was in the middle of changing into my running gear when I remembered the promise I’d made to my son over the phone yesterday. Tonight was to be Playstation night. My kids live with their mother and playing the Playstation online whilst simultaneously talking on Skype is our regular way of staying close, even though they’re a couple of hundred miles away.

So the run had to wait. For now. The world of Terraria was beckoning, and we had pixelated zombies to slay.

So we played, until his bedtime. And then I ate. And then I remembered that if I don’t give it a minimum of two hours between eating and running, I tend to be either doubled up in pain or violently sick. So I waited.

It’s now 10 pm, and I have four miles of road to run tonight. It’s safe to say that my enthusiasm has waned a little.

But not that much. Bring it on.


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