A cautionary tale this afternoon, folks.

I recently developed a rather large blister on the underside of my right foot. I eased off running for a little while, and then bought some blister plasters (hooray for Compeed). I waited until the blister was fairly well healed, and then I began running again.

All was well.

And then I bought some new running shoes.

A new blister formed, attached to what was the old one. again, I eased off from running, and this new smaller blister seemed to not get any worse. I ran eight miles, and the blister was fine. I ran three miles after that, and the blister was fine. I ran another three, and still everything was ok.

And then yesterday, I ran four miles. Maybe it was the socks I wore. Maybe it was the heat (it was much warmer when I ran yesterday), but something went wrong.

The blister doubled in size. The skin rubbed and now I have a very poorly foot indeed. Compeed are currently be employed to take care of my foot with one of their magic sticking plasters, filled with a miracle gel that both cushions the wound and numbs the pain.

So now my entire running weekend is in doubt. Which also throws out my training schedule for the marathon. Luckily, I still have a long way to go before then, but any setback is unwelcome.

I guess I’m using tomorrow’s running slot to go sock shopping instead…


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