Ouch. Again.

Man Holding Knee

Man Holding Knee, yesterday. Possibly.

I’ve mentioned my amazing blister collection a couple of times over the past few posts – well, I decided to take a weekend off running entirely to help them clear up.

This was a hard decision to make – It’s put me behind on my training schedule, and the temptation to over indulge is always there, especially when I don’t need to keep a clear head for work or strenuous exercise. Well, you’ll be please to know that I didn’t fall off the wagon, and behaved myself entirely well all weekend.

My Thrive Energy Cookbook arrived early on Saturday morning, which may have something to do with it, and Kasia ending up in hospital on Saturday afternoon may have even more to do with it.

Netflix managed to keep me entertained the rest of the time (that and the Steam sale), and as you can probably understand, I was unpleasantly surprised to wake up on Monday morning have lost the ability to walk.

That’s a little dramatic – I can still walk, I just seem to have managed to injure my knee whilst not actually running. This came as something of a shock to me at seven-thirty a.m. when I left my bed in pursuit of coffee. I had, admittedly, gone to bed with a familiar twinge of pain in my knee that has been there since I started running again a few weeks ago, but it was neither better nor worse than it had been for the week previous. So to wake up feeling like I was the lead singer of the Foo Fighters and had fallen off stage in The Netherlands (sorry, Mr Grohl, I know it wasn’t your knee), was both a shock and  not an enormous amount of fun.

I limped to work, every stair at the train station producing a fresh shot of agony, as I tried to imagine what was actually going on. After a morning sitting at my desk, I left for lunch, noticing that the pain was marginally better. By clocking out time, I felt even better still.

I’m still not entirely sure what caused today’s knee pain, especially as I’d not run all weekend. Monday is my usual rest day, and it looks like I’m going to stick with that, just to be on the safe side.

But I’m sure, one day, I’ll be able to write about how great my run was, and not mention any kind of injury whatsoever…


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