Western States 100? Sounds like a good idea…

Maths. Maths is to blame.

So I read more into doing a one-hundred mile ultra-marathon, and, bear with me here, some simple maths says that I *should* be able to walk most of it at my normal pace and still get round in under 24-hours. This is not good.

Because now I’m seeing no excuse not to do it. And you know I’m not going to walk. You know I’ve already done the maths to figure out what pace I would need to have a shot at winning.

Obviously, at this stage in my training, running 100 consecutive sub-9 minute miles is probably a little beyond me, but I don’t see it as unachievable in a year.

The Western States 100 was just run this weekend, and won by another 38 year old, Rob Krar, and his second consecutive win, which is a phenomenal achievement.

But, for the first time in a long time, I’m looking and saying “I can do that”. And that’s scary.

Because I really do want to do it. And not just compete, but win. Give it my all, and seek triumph.

Or die trying.

I half joking asked Kasia if she’d enter. She called me crazy. I asked her if she’d pace for me for the last 30 miles. She called me something a little stronger than crazy. I gave her Jurek’s book to read. I think she’ll understand after that.

MY weight continues to fall, much to Kasia’s annoyance. I’ve lost over 5kg in the past month or so, thanks to an almost completely vegan diet, lots of running, and actually caring about what I eat. I research everything, and feel better for it, although my secret peanut habit still rears its ugly head every couple of weeks.

I’ve incorporated more exercise into my daily routine, working on my core muscle groups, and building my naturally slim arms and upper torso. My legs, and especially my thighs are already huge (in a good way), so the it’s time to work on the engine.

I joined a running club; on Tuesdays they run a 5k, so we’re both going tonight (Kasia is a long term member). I never enjoyed the idea of a running club before – I prefer the solitude during my runs, but I want to get used to running with (and past) other people.

It’ll be useful experience come next year’s Western States 100…


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