You don’t get an ass like this by sitting on it.

Anyone want to run an ultra with me? Next year, of course. I’m not stupid.

I’ve looked more and more into the idea, and, I have to tell you, I want it more than ever. I’m viewing this year’s marathon as a training run now, towards my first 50 miler in the first half of next year (I’m not sure where yet), and then using that as a qualifier for a 100 mile race later on in 2016. Maybe even the fabled Western States 100 I’ve got my heart set on. That might have to wait until 2017. Who knows.

But far from being deterred, I’m both intrigued and excited by the prospect. And I’m not scared at all. That’s kinda worrying. I feel that I should be scared. I mention it to people, and they look at me in disbelief. “100 miles?” A colleague responded when I told him of the plan, “what’s wrong with you?”

The world of ultramarathons has always been there, in the background. It’s not like I was unaware, and suddenly found out about them. Quite the opposite. In fact, the only thing that has changed is that I read a couple of books, looked at finishing times, and did some rather poor maths that led me to believe that it’s not that crazy to try.

I used to ask potential employee’s a question that went something like this:

You’re out walking one day, and eventually you come to a mountain that completely blocks your path. How do you respond? Do you:

A) turn around and go home.

B) try to find a way around the mountain

C) Climb the mountain

And then the kicker, I’d always ask ‘why?’ as a follow up.

Personally, I’d climb that mountain, just because it’s there, and to see what’s on the other side, and then keep going. Not because I have something to prove, but because the challenge is there. Because we never learn how far we can go if we never try. Because if we stop, we drown.

I’ve been on some great adventures in my life, riding camels across the Sahara, Kayaking in the open pacific. Rattlesnake hunting in Nevada. And I still want more. The ultras are the next step on the journey.

I need this.


5 thoughts on “You don’t get an ass like this by sitting on it.

  1. The thought of ultras has always been there for me. But after blowing my 3:30 goal in 2010, I’ve since regressed. I’m planning on getting back into a 3:30 fitness level for a 2016 spring marathon, and just keep building from there. An ultra in 2017 for me would be awesome, or even PPM. I’d take a PPM finish over an ultra, though.

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    • I’ve begun to realise it’s less about sheer speed, and more about consistency. I did a 6 mile training run tonight, ran the first 5 miles at a constant 8 minutes a mile, then gunned it for the last one, finishing it in 6:20. I’ll do the same at the weekend, but over a half marathon distance…

      3:30 looks where I’ll be for my marathon in September, but anything under 4 hours is a good start.


      • That’s awesome. Sounds like you’re already on your way to a 330. Would love to keep on reading about your training runs towards that goal. 330 is the monster in my closet right now.

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