Three miles, 22:00

Despite my resolution not to run this week, and give both my ankle and those persistent blisters time to recover, I’ve had one day off.

Thursday’s run was much like Wednesday’s – in that I didn’t have a plan. And it showed.

The tube strike really messed up my evening, and I didn’t end up eating until nearly eight-thirty. I debated with myself for a while whether to eat before or after the run, and decided that I just wouldn’t be able to run if I didn’t eat before. Unfortunately, I have to give it a couple of hours after eating before I can run, otherwise I cramp up in the most horrible way. So eating at 8:30pm is probably the worst possible time for me to eat.

I left the house at 10:00 sharpish, deciding to do just as many laps as I could around the usual 1-mile course. My calves still ached from yesterdays run, the transitional shoes really putting them through their paces.

But I felt pretty good as I started out, the ankle didn’t hurt me at all and I’d already removed the strapping that I’d had on it all day. The blisters were well covered with plasters, and they too seemed to be healing when I inspected them before.

But the aching in my calves was the real pain tonight, but one that I had anticipated before putting the shoes on.

I finished the first lap in 7:00, a fair bit faster than my usual pace, and then the second fell in exactly the same time. Two miles, fourteen minutes. Not bad at all.

The third lap though was a nightmare. Although I finished it in eight minutes, my goal marathon pace, I struggled the entire way around.

My head was full of thoughts as to the reasons – was it the shoes? The faster pace? Did I stretch properly? I decided eventually that it was because I didn’t leave enough time between eating and running – I really didn’t feel well at that point, and may have startled a few passers by when I thought I was going to throw up at one stage.

Still, three miles completed in 22:00 is not bad going, and again, I know I can go much faster.


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