15 miles, 2 hours 10 minutes.

I keep telling myself that it’s not about the pace, but the distance. Then I tell myself it’s not about the distance, it’s the time on my feet. I wish I’d make up my mind.

I feel decidedly average after this run. The time wasn’t great. The distance wasn’t monumental. But it was alright. I wasn’t that slow. I average 8m 40s over the entire course, which did include the notorious Highgate Hill. Well, it’s notorious to me.


Look at that. 11% gradient at it’s steepest. And I ran it. All the way to the top. On my toes. So I take that as a positive. I’m sure running somewhere flatter would have been faster, but I can do that next week.

So… Positives from this weekend’s major run?

1. Distance. 15 miles is the longest I’ve run in one sitting. Well, not sitting, but you know what I mean.

2. Time. Ok, so it’s not a fast pace, but add in that hill, and I think I averaged out ok. Certainly within my goal marathon time, of between 3:30 & 4:00 hours.

3. The transitional shoes. Yes, my calves hurt throughout the run. But after a massage from Kasia, they’re fine. In fact, I hardly feel like I ran 15 miles yesterday at all. I’ll be barefoot in a couple of weeks…

4. In fact, now that I think about it, I was hardly out of breath, and didn’t crash straight after either. Those core workout sessions are doing their magic.

5. Muscle mass. I’m down to 82kg, nearly 6kg off from when I started a couple of months back. I have lumps on my legs where I didn’t think it was possible to have lumps. Good lumps, by the way. Kasia approves.

6. NO MORE BLISTERS. Well, no new ones anyway. Which is something of an achievement, considering the distance. Looks like I was right about it being the shoes after all.

All in all, not a bad run. That Ultra is looking to be a distinct possibility all of a sudden…


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