Came in like Jurek-ing Ball.

I will credit this photo when I know who to credit - sorry!

I will credit this photo when I know who to credit – sorry!

I really should say something about Scott Jurek’s superhuman effort. Scott’s being such an inspiration to myself, and so many others, not just in the running or vegan communities, but throughout the world through his resilience, his determination, and his ability to dig deeper than any man believed they can.

Sure, it’s easy to say that ‘he’s just a runner’, or belittle his achievements as ultimately futile or pointless. But to do that is surely missing he has become: A symbol.

Jurek is our Batman. He’s the hero we need. He forces us all to look inside ourselves and understand that whatever we’re going through, whether it’s a 2,200 miles of mountainous terrain, or something more personal. Scott is the epitome of never giving up, no retreat, no surrender.

Over the past 46 days, we’ve seen Scott at his best and his worst. And his worst brings out his best. I really hope he’ll be releasing a book based on this adventure – The stories I’ve heard so far only scratching the surface of what a monumental effort this was.

In the first week, Scott hurt his knee. And then tore a thigh muscle overcompensating for it.

And then he ran another two THOUSAND miles.

Seriously, I cry like a baby if I stub a toe.

Jurek and his crew faced storms that fell trees, and held them up for days at a time. And yet they kept going.

There may be a little of legend growing here in all of these anecdotes, but I read a story about how on Friday they were so far behind that the crew had all but decided the record was up. Scott decided that the only way to do it was to pull a few all-nighters.

We’ve probably all read Born to Run by now. But Eat and Run, Scott’s own book is a different take on the same events. His personal journey has been one not without pain and hardship, and to see him truly excel, not just in this achievement, but in all races is an astonishing accomplishment.

I’m reminded of his Badwater 135 triumph at this point – Where, vomiting and crampng by the side of the road in 110 degree heat, Scott was told that he should give up, as to have any chance of winning, he’d have to run 80 miles faster than anyone had run 80 miles. Ever.

And with a smile, he got up, and did just that.

My running mantra, when things get tough?

WWJD – What Would Jurek Do?


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