A runner who doesn’t run is not a runner. Right?

Hello again. It’s been a while. Let me take you through the saga of my last month…

So, as I’ve posted before, I took a tumble down the stairs and hurt my back. I then went to the chiropractor and had it repaired. Somewhat. It took another week or so to get to a point where it no longer hurt to move. I still can’t sit for extended periods, but I’m surviving. But I couldn’t run. Three weeks after the fall, and I still couldn’t run. It was driving me crazy.

And then… just as I got better… It was time to move house. Kasia and I had found a great place, central enough for both of our multi-location jobs, at the right price, and only needing a little work to make it ‘home’. There was just one issue.

We couldn’t move in until a week after we moved out of our old place. Which meant that we had to move all of our stuff into storage, then stay with a friend, and then move from storage into the new apartment.

Which meant that living out of a suitcase for a week, I had to sacrifice a fair bit of clothing. Including all my running gear. So no running for another week.

We finally moved in last Tuesday. We’ve spent every free hour since then (I’ve not had a day of work other than Friday, which I spent with my kids from my previous marriage) unpacking and building furniture. So still no running.

Tonight, I’m out for dinner. But I plan to sneak in a late run around 10pm… I need to. It’s been five weeks since I slipped on a pair of running shoes and did anything other than walk.

I don’t think running for the bus every now and then counts as a workout…


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