6 miles, 44:11

I was so concerned with my speed on my previous four mile run that I went back onto Google Maps to check my route. Did I really run that fast? According to Livestrong that would put me in the top 1% of runners for my age group.

Google doesn’t lie. And Google maps lies even less. I really did run four consecutive sub 7-minute miles. But could I do it again?

So I went out last night. Mile one was done in 6:58. Mile 2 in 6:56. And then I made a decision.

I slowed down. Now I knew I was running back at decent pace, still nowhere near my peak, but still above average, I needed to put in some distance.

My third was 7:30, and so was my fourth. I slowed even further, remembering that my goal pace for the marathon is 8 minutes per mile, to give me a finish inside 3 hours 30 minutes. I did a little quick maths. 6 miles x 8 minutes = 48 minutes total. That was my new goal. I slowed considerably. for the final couple of laps.

But then I realised how slow I was going, and picked up the pace again. At least, I thought I did. The two final laps were still completed in around 7:30 each, with a massive final push on the last half mile. I remembered to stay fast past the ‘finish line’ this time around, and stopped the clock at 44:11, which, although not quite the fastest I’ve run this year, and certainly nowhere near my PB, was probably the most satisfying of my life. I was in control from start to finish, and able to adjust to my pace both faster and slower as I needed.

My calves ache, but nothing like I expected. The rest of me feels fine, and after ten minutes at home, I wanted to get back and run some more, a good sign. I did resist though, opting instead to eat a couple of Kasia’s amazing vegeburgers.

So, even with five weeks out in the middle of my training, and a little over a month to go before the race, I’m full of confidence, and running better than I have for many years.

Although, I am looking forward to a rest day…


One thought on “6 miles, 44:11

  1. If it makes you feel any better my fastest mile ever is just under 10 minutes… Lol! Keep up the strong work! And remember to hydrate well 👍🏻 You can even try an Epsom salt bath soak for your legs if they get too sore or fatigued. Great job!!! 👏🏼

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