Another 8 mile run. With a twist.

This is becoming a habit. A short after work run turning into a bit of a monster. “It’s only eight miles” is a phrase I found myself uttering as I headed out the door, roughly fifteen minutes after getting home from work.

So I set off on my one-mile circuit as usual, fully aware that I was capable of running the distance, and feeling good about it too. Usually, I’ll get a little apprehensive about a long run, hitting a mental wall before I even head out of the door, but last night, I was full of confidence.

Until half a mile out. The heavens opened and a torrential downpour hit. I was soaked to the bone, running in a thin t-shirt and a tiny pair of shorts. I was left with a choice. Go home and not run, or get on with it. I chose to get on with it.

The rain continued for the next twenty minutes. At some points, it was so heavy, I could barely see where I was going. But still I ran. And I ran. The whole eight miles.

As I ran, I felt good, despite the rain. It felt like I would look back on this run as a defining moment, and my thought drifted back to when I was a kid, running loops around the park because I could, the other big defining moment in my running history.

Circuit after circuit, mile followed mile. and then, at the end of lap six, just as I was flagging, I checked my watch. I hadn’t really checked it before because of the rain. 43:30. I was actually running faster than the usual 7:30 pace I expected. I thought I would be slower because of the rain, but somehow, I was on par for a very good time.

And then it happened. I had a sudden spring in my step. I couldn’t believe I felt this good seven miles out. I should have been dying. I should have been wanting to quit and never run again, but I felt as fresh as when I set out.

The final lap… I was practically sprinting around. I crossed the finish line in front the house and pressed the stopwatch. 56:40 – averaging out at 7:05 a mile. I can live with that.

What I can’t live with though are the sore nipples, which I’ve never suffered with before, and am going to put solely down to running in a wet T-shirt. Not happy. Time to break out the anti-chafing balm.

Having pulled up to a halt, my calves felt like jelly. I was a little worried, but woke up this morning completely pain free! My body seems to have fully adapted to running on flats, for long distances. I might stretch it to a ten miler tonight… if the nips will stand up to it, so to speak.


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