So where now? I am sure pretty much everyone asks themselves the same thing immediately after an event such as a marathon. My goal was always to use the 42km as a training run towards running ultras.

However, I don’t feel like I have conquered a marathon yet. Sure, I crossed the finish line, but the race didn’t go in any way as I planned.

One of the first things we did when we got back to London on Wednesday was talk through our running goals. Kasia wants to run a much faster marathon, as do I. We agreed to drop our plans for running ultras for now, and spend the next year training like never before.

We’ve pencilled in two marathons for next year, six months apart, and have already begun purchasing training equipment, and writing year long training plans.

The health checks we did prior to the race gave us both good news, and my metabolic age of 23 was the cause of much merriment (my cholesterol level of 118 actually made the doctor do a double take).

We’re both now following whole food plant based diets now, and our recovery times from the marathon were startling – we were both pain free within 48 hours, and have both been itching to run since Tuesday.

Eric Orton’s The Cool Impossible has been Kasia’s companion all week, and it’s going to be such an incredible journey, I might have to buy a video camera and make a movie…


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