Quick! What year is it?

Oh. Hello there. I didn’t expect to see you here. Have you been waiting long? Huh. What? Where was I? OK. Let me explain.

Right… so the last post involved me doing a 25km run. I remember that. And then I did another 20k the next day, and another the day after that. I remember my foot being a little sore at that point.

The Sunday rolled around and I joined the running club for our usual 11km. Of course, I ran there first, a good 6km. On the way there, I realised my foot was still a little sore, but ignored it.

Remember that part wher I told you that I don’t know my own limits? Hmmm.

I’m not going to bore you with too many details, but I ended up fracturing two metatarsals, and really, trying to run on them is NOT a good idea. It hurts. It hurts in a way that when the specialist touches your foot, your immediate reaction is to kick her in the face. Her reactions are faster, and so charges will not be pressed.

One of the benefits of living in East London was that I got to see the top people. The team that looked after me at the sports injury clinic are phenomenal. The centre was built for the 2012 Olympics and those guys… well, I doubt there is anyone better in the world.

So no more running for Trevor. I was told that I should realistically plan on running a maximum of 10k again by September this year. A whole year out with no running. Well, you can understand that I was not best pleased. I spent the next few months walking around with a surgical boot to immobilise the foot, which really is not fun, and ruined at least one decent pair of trousers. I got to keep the crutches though, so that was nice.

Oh, and the other thing that happened during this time was that I moved to Baku. In Azerbaijan. I know. It sounds like an Eddie Izzard joke, but it’s true. Kasia got an amazing job here, and I followed her.

And so now, I have begun running again. I started at 10 minutes a few weeks ago, running alongside Kasia.

This week, on Monday, I completed my first full 10k, four months ahead of schedule. I completed my second on Wednesday and third today. Today was my fastest, at just under 45 minutes.

I had a good chat with Kasia last weekend. We have new goals. No longer am I training for an ultra marathon. I don’t think she would tolerate me breaking more things. Also, I’m 39 years old. Sitting out another year really isn’t an option.

But 10k? The fastest I ever ran a 10k was eight seconds under thirty minutes. If I can run it in 45minutes, at 39, and 9kg overweight, and recovering from a broken foot, I wonder what I can do when I’m fully fit?

So that’s the plan. Get fit. Get Fast. And see where it takes me. I’ve got nothing but time to train right now, so lets do this.

Talk soon. Promise x